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Anastasya Raditya Ležaić: A Bridge Project in Croatia Can Change China-EU Cooperation on Infrastructure

On this podcast, Anastasya Raditya-Ležaić shares a unique perspective of Croatia, which has intensified its relationship with China only in 2016. She also discusses the development of the Pelješac Bridge project, which is the first tender for a project funded through EU funds that has been won by a Chinese company.

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Jacob Tomas (谭亚幸): Why Chinese Companies Need To Engage Local Communities To Succeed Abroad

On this podcast, Jacob Tomas (谭亚幸) discusses the issue of sustainability of Chinese projects abroad and shares his unique perspective on how the new technologies play a role in that process. He also talks about the difference in the approach that Western and Chinese companies have towards sustainable development.

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Stephen Nagy: China and Japan Plan Joint Projects in BRI Countries

On this podcast, Stephen Nagy a distinguished fellow of Asia Pacific Foundation (APF) and a long-term resident in Japan discusses the Japanese point of view on the Belt and Road Initiative. As a long-term resident in Japan and a China expert, Stephen provides a perspective of a highly informed scholar not constrained by complexities of Sino-Japanese relations.

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