belt & road 101

All you need to know about the biggest opportunity of the 21st century

Never Before has the Belt and Road been explained in 15 easy to understand pages!

With 10 detailed case studies and a total of 50 pages, this report is the most concise and easy to digest overview of the Belt and Road Initiative you can find.

This training booklet seeks to help you and your company understand what the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is and how to tap into the opportunities it offers.

Think of it as a concise and practical guide to the BRI that is free from political slogans and enables you to understand the initiative; facilitating your engagement with it in a way that benefits you and your company.

The Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) Is by far the largest coordinated infrastructure investment program in human history. Never has spending on connectivity been more essential to overcome borders, enhance efficiencies, raise productivity, grow the world economy, and build a global civilization. We need more resources such as this providing updated and comprehensive assessments of BRI activities for the benefit of everyone.”

— Dr. Parag Khanna, Managing Partner of FutureMap and author of Connectography and The Future is Asian