Kiran Choudhry: The Only Foreigner Implementing BRI Projects within Beijing Government Structure

Kiran Choudhry is a Senior Manager and Strategic Advisor at Beijing Technology Exchange and Promotion Center as well as a Deputy Director at Enterprise Europe Network-Beijing. Kiran is the only foreigner working at a Beijing government agency.

Kiran has worked for the Beijing Technology Exchange and Promotion Center, an agency of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, for the last 6 years. During this time, she has been helping to develop China’s National Innovation Cluster in Zhongguancun, and to make her department a station of Enterprise Europe Network, which connects European SMEs and S&T institutions to China. More recently, her work has focused on the Belt and Road Initiative and establishing key projects and partnerships with Asian and Africa countries. Currently, she is also working with several partner countries to help develop their Science and Technology ecosystems. Previously, she has worked at the World Bank in Washington, DC.

On this podcast, Kiran Choudhry discusses the real examples of BRI projects pursued by the Beijing Technology Exchange and Promotion Center, the challenges related to facilitating BRI cooperation and the “how” of BRI projects.

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Voice Actors:臧力榕 (Greg Stec) 刘杨 (Kiran Choudhry)

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Kiran Choudhry: The only foreigner working for an agency of Beijing government