Jacob Tomas (谭亚幸): Why Chinese Companies Need To Engage Local Communities To Succeed Abroad

Jacob Tomas (谭亚幸) is the founder & CEO of MSC, the co-founder of the Be Village Association and the Global Social Finance Network. He topped “Forbes 30 Under 30 China” list in 2018 and is a pioneer and explorer in the field of sustainable development in China. He has been serving as a CSR adviser for many Global 500 companies and is leading the transformation towards sustainability for many Chinese corporations. Jacob has also been deeply involved in many social innovation projects in the U.K., Japan, Thailand and Cambodia. He was once received by the former Thai Prime Minister, and proposed valuable advice regarding environmental issues to the Japanese Cabinet.

On this podcast, Jacob discusses the issue of sustainability of Chinese projects abroad and shares his unique perspective on how the new technologies play a role in that process. He also talks about the difference in the approach that Western and Chinese companies have towards sustainable development.

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Voice Actors:臧力榕 (Greg Stec), Coco-Chanel (Jacob Tomas - 谭亚幸)

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Jacob Tomas (谭亚幸) : Advising Internationalizing Chinese Companies on Sustainable Development

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