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Hannah Ryder: Africa needs Belt and Road. On its own terms.

On this podcast, Hannah Ryder - economist, diplomat, development expert - talks about the recent FOCAC Summit in Beijing, a complex relationship between China and African countries and challenges related to running effective development projects. Hannah highlights that African countries have much to gain from the Belt and Road Initiative, but they also have to know what they want.

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Parag Khanna: The future is Asian. Commerce, conflict and culture in the 21st Century

On this podcast,Parag Khanna, best selling author of six books and one of the leading thought leaders on the topics of international trade, communications, urban development, discusses the Belt and Road initiative, China’s and Asia’s role in the future. Parag’s unique insights on the intersection of culture, technology, infrastructure, cities and geography make this podcast one not to be missed!

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Ankur Shah: Silk Road Explorer Investigating Progress of Belt and Road Projects

On this podcast, Ankur Shah shares his observations from his visits to Belt and Road Project’s sites and stories from his expedition following footsteps of Marco Polo along the Silk Road.

Before listening to the podcast, watch a 3-minute trailer of the upcoming “105 Nights” documentary about the expedition that Ankur took part in. Click here to see today’s Silk Road:

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