Tim Luan: Turning Beijing’s ZhongGuanCun (中关村) into the Silicon Valley of China

Tim Luan 栾天 is currently the Head of the Global Incubator 全球孵化业务总监 at Innoway 中关村创业大街 – the major landmark for innovation and entrepreneurship in the heart of Zhongguancun. Prior, he covered the role of Strategy Department Director at 36Kr incubator. He has been actively involved in the startup business since 2011 and he is one of the key figures in bringing together startups and corporations, by working closely with – to name a few - Intel, Haier, Orange, Baidu. Tim studied and worked in Canada and Europe for 15 years and has been a mentor and a judge for several national and international startup competitions. He is currently focusing on assisting international startups interested in entering the Chinese market, leveraging his extensive national and international network. Last but not least, a martial arts expert is hidden behind his calm and friendly personality!

On this podcast, Tim Luan discusses ZhongGuanCun and Innoway’s role in supporting entrepreneurs and innovation (for both local and international startups) in China including what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur in China.

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Tim Luan 栾天