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Piraeus Port: The Backstory Behind a BRI Success Story

A frank and revealing interview with Grigoris Konstantellos, Mayor of Athens Riviera, Greece. According to Grigoris, because the port is expanding with Chinese BRI investment, Athens has more jobs and more trade flows through the port. The economic benefits have been significant. The biggest benefit, however, was that coming of Chinese shipping giant Cosco broke down a very old monopoly, which was the workers' union for the port which had kept prices high and throughput low for hundreds of years prior. For more previously unreported details on the port project and BRI activities in South and Eastern Europe. Have a listen!

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The Brookings Institute: Weighing the risks of US-China disengagement

The topics covered in the report are important, “Should the Chinese elite and mass opinion concludes that the United States is intent on denying China its rightful place in global affairs, no one should expect Beijing to be compliant or submissive. At the same time, none of China’s neighbors, even those uneasy about the growth of Chinese power, want to be caught in a struggle between the U.S. and China.”

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