Francesco Lorenzini: Connecting Startup Ecosystems between China and Europe

Francesco Lorenzini (罗亮) is a  Founder of Tech Silu, a group dedicated to empowering the Sino-South-European tech ecosystem through the interchange of capitals, talents, and companies. Francesco’s background is in Management Engineering and Industrial Engineering. He pursued his studies both in Italy and in China, at Tsinghua University. He also has experience in financial international consultancy, which he gained by working at P&P as an associate responsible for the Beijing office. Since 2012, Francesco has been constantly involved in the tech ecosystem both in Italy and in China putting passion and dedication into cross-border financial operations and supporting South-European startups in tapping into the Chinese market.

On this podcast, Francesco Lorenzini, a founder of TechSilu, a group dedicated to empowering the cooperation between Chinese and South-European tech ecosystems, discusses the opportunities offered by Chinese market to startups coming from Belt and Road countries. Francesco also talks about the experience of running a company focused on connecting foreign countries with the Chinese market. He offers insights into challenges that have to be taken into account when making a decision to enter the Chinese market and provides an overview of institutions that can help in this process.

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