Harvey Dzodin: How China can win hearts and minds

Dr. Harvey Dzodin is a Beijing-based freelance columnist for China Daily, commentator on China Global Television Network (CCTV English Channel) and on China Radio International. He moved to China 16 years ago after a distinguished career in the US government (Carter administration appointee) and American media (former VP, ABC Television). He has published over 200 columns in China Daily, Global Times and other publications with an emphasis on arts, culture and the Belt & Road initiative. He is also a sought-after speaker and advisor in China and abroad. He currently serves as a Nonresident Senior Research Fellow of the Center for China and Globalization think tank in Beijing. Harvey also serves as Senior Advisor of Tsinghua University National Image Research Center specializing in city branding. He is the Senior Advisor to the China Silk Road Cities Alliance focusing on the Belt and Road initiative, He is also is a volunteer and frequent speaker at Longquan Monastery where he has hosted two introductory online videos about this unique community.

Harvey is Visiting Professor of Art at Changsha Normal University. He is the Senior Consultant to the Golden Age International Art and Culture Company specializing in liaison with Beijing’s diplomatic embassies and missions. He previously was Senior Advisor of the China Young Artists Project organizing art exhibitions for promising young Chinese artists in embassies, and in overseas venues.

One of Harvey’s recent speechs was at the Belt and Road Cooperation Forum for Ethnic Culture and Economy about the first example of Pinyin, Sini calligraphy. This script blended Chinese and Arabic cultures stimulated by the Silk Road. He also spoke about the fantastic voyages of Hui Muslim Admiral Zheng He on the ancient maritime Silk Road and how these can help build China’s soft power as they did so many centuries ago.

He was awarded the Juris Doctor degree by Harvard Law School in 1973, and the advanced degree of Master of Laws from the London School of Economics in 1974.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree with High Honors in 1969 from Michigan State University.

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