Belt and Road Advisory Team on "Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom" Podcast

The Belt and Road Advisory Team were recently featured on the 'Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom' podcast, hosted by long time China podcasting guru, Brendan Davis. 

In the podcast, the team discuss their motivations for founding the Voices of the Belt and RoadThey discuss their reasons for coming to China, and their coming together to form Belt and Road Advisory.

Listen to the podcast below!

About "Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom"

"Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom" is a weekly podcast about making it big as a foreign fish in the world's biggest pond - China!

Every week from Beijing, host Brendan Davis talks with a fellow foreigner who is doing something challenging, unique or maybe even just a little bit crazy. Guests ranging from venture capitalists to standup comedians share funny stories, useful insights, and occasionally, cautionary tales about their lives in China.

The podcast aims to be invaluable for anyone considering making a similar move, plus entertaining and relatable enough to be fun for everyone to enjoy and learn from - with the ultimate goal of helping find new ways to relate to each other, regardless of where we happen to call home.