BRA Fact Check: The BRI is NOT a "Debt Trap"

With the successful conclusion of the Belt and Road Forum this April 25-27, 2019 all the “Belt and Road haters” have seem to come out with their guns blazing about China’s “Debt Trap Diplomacy”. Well, amongst the deluge of “fake news”, we here at the Belt and Road Advisory decided to take a hard look at the available data. In addition to in depth research we also stuck to our usual style of actually asking the people involved in the deals and others on the ground or in the know. For a behind the scenes update on the Malaysian E.C.R.L. deal renegotiation check out the Belt and Road Podcast. Interview with Tee Keat Ong Fmr. Malaysian Transport Minister for an example.

But why not save yourself some time and simply have a look at the infographic we made on this topic. You can also download the infographic as a PDF file if that is easier for you. Please help us spread the word, when you look at the data and lose the political rhetoric, the BRI is definitely not a “debt trap”. In fact the post Belt and Road Forum which we like to call “BRI 2.0” show that the Chinese and the BRI countries are learning with each deal and as a result he program is becoming more transparent, self regulating and improving with each deal.