2018 December 27


Here is the Belt & Road Today brought to you by Belt and Road Advisory

  1. Starting on January 1 2019, China plans to remove import and export duties on a range of goods, including zero tariffs on ingredients for livestock feeds and certain medicines, according to the finance ministry. - Read more

  2. China has released its first nationwide “negative list” for investment applying to both domestic and foreign investors. NDRC and the MofCOM specified 151 areas that are either banned to non-state businesses or require government approval for entry. - Read more

  3. Hit by trade tensions, factory jobs in China are drying up. Many orders were shifted in advance to avoid higher tariffs, but it seems that front-loading is now over and the slowdown is hitting Chinese manufacturing. - Read more

  4. A Belt and Road business and trade service park is to be built in the Czech Republic. The Europe Huajie Development Company signed a cooperation agreement with Rustonka, a Czech real estate developer. - Read more

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Grzegorz Stec