2018 December 24


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  1. As part of ongoing efforts to introduce a single visa for all Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan agreed to launch a Silk Visa in early 2019. According to reports, Kazakhstan also plans to bring Azerbaijan and Turkey into the Silk Visa as well. - Read more

  2. China’s annual Central Economic Work Conference was held last week. The key message from this year’s CEWC was that the overall framework of economic policy is not set to change. - Read more

  3. Kenya runs the risk of losing control of the Port of Mombasa if it should default on loans from state financial institution China Exim Bank, according to a new report from Kenya's auditor general. The terms of a $2.3 billion loan for Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) specify that the port's assets are collateral, and they are not protected by Kenya's sovereign immunity due to a waiver in the contract. - Read more

  4. Invesco has launched a Belt and Road fixed income fund that will invest primarily in US dollar-denominated sovereign, investment grade and high yield corporate bonds from issuers that directly or indirectly benefit from BRI. - Read more

  5. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) announced on Wednesday that its Board of Governors has approved the membership applications of six more countries, bringing AIIB's total approved members to 93. - Read more

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Grzegorz Stec