The Hainan Business Opportunity: It Is Time You Got Up To Speed

“Incorporate in Hainan: Leverage the benefits, yet operate from anywhere!” was the title of a special seminar organized by Belt and Road Advisory, Hainan Resort Software Community, and Bank of China Haikou Branch. The event took place on the 8th of January 2019 in a space kindly provided by Tsinghua SEM X-elerator.


The goal of the seminar was clear. To introduce foreign entrepreneurs to a host of extremely enticing (yet heretofore not very well known) opportunities for companies incorporating in Hainan province. With its new Free Trade Port status, Hainan is by far the most open province in China for foreign (and Chinese) businesses. Furthermore with the strong backing of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Hainan is laser focused on becoming the next Singapore or Dubai in terms of banking, trade and ease of doing business. We were proud to welcome over 30 participants,  all interested in learning more about the “Hainan opportunity”.

Hainan is home to numerous institutions that can offer support to foreign businesses, but none of them operates on the scale of Resort Software Community (RSC). RSC by itself constitutes 10% of the island province’s GDP and is able to help foreign companies incubated in Hainan to access multiple benefits including, but not limited to:

Together with his team William Suen, RSC’s President of Global Business Development introduced the support that RSC can offer and the impressive facilities that are already in place. Well over 3,000 companies (10% foreign, 90% Chinese) make RSC their home, including Baidu, Tencent, Huobi, and now RSC has big goals for bringing a larger number (and percentage) of foreign businesses there in 2019 and beyond. RSC Hainan also boasts the first and largest blockchain research center with major commitments from Baidu, Huobi and Chinese and Foreign University Research Centers.

Thanks to Hainan’s new Free Trade Port status Haikou branch of Bank of China put together a special, new Free Trade Account aimed at making moving money in and out of China more accessible for foreign businesses. Senior Manager Zhu Huilian introduced the key features of this new account pointing out its practical multi-currency system and greater access to offshore markets .

But the Hainan opportunity is not theory. “It’s real! I’ve been there, I’ve seen the progress, I have saved my companies money there!” said James LaLonde Co-founder of the Belt and Road Advisory and veteran entrepreneur, who presented case studies of foreign and Chinese companies that incorporated in Hainan with details of exactly what they did how they benefited. James also shared his hand-on experience of incorporating companies in Hainan and working with the local authorities to make the business environment of Hainan ever more welcoming to foreign entrepreneurs.

All the attendees received a package of materials prepared by the Belt and Road Advisory “Incorporate in Hainan – Essential Guide” that includes: all the presentations from the seminar, an overview of benefits of incorporating in Hainan, a step-by-step checklist of how to incorporate in Hainan to access these benefits, a detailed FAQ on obtaining work and spouse/family Visas, other FAQs and an introduction to the Bank of China’s Foreign Trade Account and much, much more. These materials have were custom created by the Belt and Road Advisory and do not exist anywhere else in Chinese or English.

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Grzegorz Stec