Dominik Mierzejewski: Working Directly with Chinese Provinces is the Key to Success

Professor Dominik Mierzejewski is the Chair at Center for Asian Affairs, Professor at the Department of Asian Studies at the Faculty of International and Political Studies, and a member of Asia Pacific Council, the advisory body for Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Professor Mierzejewski researches China-Central and Eastern European relations and also pioneers research on the role of the local governments within China’s Belt and Road Initiative. He also closely cooperates with the government of the city of Lodz and government of the Lodzkie region (Poland) in developing relationship with Chinese partners.

On this podcast, Professor Dominik Mierzejewski discusses the significance of local level actors’ cooperation for the development of the Belt and Road Initiative. He also shares his personal insights coming from the experience of developing Sino-Polish cooperation in the city of Lodz - an important Belt and Road hub located in Central Poland.

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Voice Actors:Helen Qu 屈晓乐 (Greg Stec) Athena Wang 王少勋 (Dominik Mierzejewski)

Understanding Poland Summer School run by Professor Mierzejewski: Website and Weibo

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Dominik Mierzejewski: Leader of Local Level Sino-Polish Cooperation