Tee Keat Ong: There is no Belt and Road Debt Trap.

Tee Keat Ong, Chairman of CNIA, is a Malaysian social-activist, author, columnist, commentator, social-political pundit and concurrently serving as chairman and advisor of various corporate entities, associations, charitable organizations and institutions.

He had been serving the nation via holding such portfolios as Minister, Deputy Minister and Deputy Parliament Speaker, under the Federal Government of Malaysia for the past 25 years. He continues to actively contribute to the development of inter-nations, inter-regions bilateral relations through trade, diplomatic, cultural, arts and academics, especially in promoting Malaysia - China relations.

As the Chairman of CNIA, he envisions contributing to the betterment of global development through propagating openness and inclusiveness.

On this podcast, former Malaysian Transport Minister, Tee Keat Ong explains the behind the scenes situation with the Malaysian East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) which has gone in the space of a year from a perceived “debt trap fiasco” to a feather in the cap of both BRI and Malaysia as a Belt and Road success story.



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Voice Actors:Rumeng (James LaLonde), 屈晓乐 (Tea Keat Ong)

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