Chen Dongmin: Blockchain, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education are the Future of Belt and Road

Prof. Chen Dongmin heads the Planning Committee for School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Peking University. From 2012-2016 he served as the Director of Office of Science and Technology Development at PKU, and has overseen the university innovation ecosystem development, including technology licensing, spin-offs, several incubators and investment funds, and entrepreneurship education programs. He is a Chair professor in the Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research. He is a  former Sr. Rowland Fellow at Harvard University for 15 years and a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of two Silicon Valley companies. Prof. Chen is the International Adviser of WIPO Global Innovation Index and the Honorary Advisor and former Chairman & President of Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association. Prof. Chen is an Associate Editor of Applied Physics letter. His research expertise includes nanotechnologies, RRAM, MEMS-CMOS integration; big-data in health-informatics, Blockchain technology and applications. He co-authored more than 100 scientific publications and 150 US and international patents.

In this podcast, Professor Chen Dongmin, the Dean of School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Peking University and a serial entrepreneur, who co-founded two Silicon Valley companies, discusses the impact of Chinese innovation and blockchain technologies on the future of the Belt and Road Initiative. Professor Chen also talks about the importance of fostering entrepreneurial education and supporting small and medium enterprises in making BRI succeed.

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Prof. Chen Dongmin the Dean for School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Peking University and a visionary of China's entrepreneurship.

Grzegorz Stec