2019 January 7


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  1. China’s foreign debt grew by 14% versus last years and presents a growing risk to financial stability. Official external debt is $1.9 tn, a small proportion for a $13tn economy, but that may well be a significant underestimation. - Read more

  2. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Friday urged financial institutions to better serve the real economy and take effective measures to address financing barriers facing enterprises. He gave the speech to the leaders of China’s biggest state banks. - Read more

  3. The Sri Lankan government on Friday said it is aiming to attract $3 billion of foreign direct investment in 2019. Several mega projects were being discussed with international investors. This represents a 30% increase on 2018. delayed due to the political instability experienced towards the later part of the year. - Read more

  4. China has announced a new trade facilitation pilot project that includes optimizing document checks and cutting red tape. For real legitimate foreign exchange income, enterprises can now directly transfer the money to their current accounts. - Read more

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Grzegorz Stec