2019 January 30


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  1. After months of negotiations, Malaysia officially terminated the $20 billion East Coast Rail Link project with China Communication Construction Company (CCCC). Prime Mahathir said the government's reason for cancelling the rail was simply a lack of funds. - Read more

  2. China has blasted the US government’s indictments against Huawei as “unfair and immoral” after the company was charged with 23 offences including technology theft and violation of US sanctions in Iran. US Attorney general says offending went ‘all the way to the top’. - Read more

  3. China will build a new $2bn Expressway linking Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville in Cambodia. The expressway will stretch over 190 kilometres –It will have four lanes for the majority of its run and will take four years to complete. - Read more

  4. Since the start of December, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has approved 16 infrastructure projects, worth at least 1.1 trillion yuan (US$163.2 billion). `This compares with $15bn in the same period last year. - Read more

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Grzegorz Stec