2019 January 3


Here is the Belt & Road Today brought to you by Belt and Road Advisory

  1. In China, the manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) for December fell to 49.7. A number below 50 represents a contraction, the first time for 19 months. Stock markets across Asia reacted negatively to the news. - Read more

  2. Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the people of Taiwan to accept it "must and will be" reunited with China. In a speech, he reiterated Beijing's call for peaceful unification on a one-country-two-systems basis. - Read more

  3. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said the issue of takeover of the Mombasa Port by China is pure propaganda, instead he praised China for offering financial packages that Kenya can afford. - Read more

  4. Ethiopia plans to commission six industrial parks, which will be constructed by Chinese firms, before the end of July 2019, an Ethiopian official said on Monday. Ethiopia has invested over $1bn on industrial parks. - Read more

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Grzegorz Stec