2019 February 14


Here is the Belt & Road Today brought to you by Belt and Road Advisory

  1. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has denied any diplomatic rift with China despite the postponement of a joint tourism event and media reports that her planned visit to Beijing is in limbo. - Read more

  2. The Trump administration is moving closer to completing an executive order that would ban telecommunications companies in the United States from using Chinese equipment while building next-generation wireless networks, according to American officials. - Read more

  3. Shanghai has announced a series of reform measures aimed at improving its business environment to maintain stable economic growth. The measures cover 25 main areas such as business startups, applications for construction permits and electricity service. - Read more

  4. Data from NASA satellites have shown that China and India led the way in greening on land, thanks to ambitious tree-planting programs. That is a perhaps a surprising finding, given its often assumed that China and India are actually exploiting available land resources. - Read more

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Grzegorz Stec