2018 November 27


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  1. A leaked Belt and Road MoU between China and the Philippines includes a provision that projects should be developed with 'complete transparency'. This is a good move and shows China is listening and attempting to make BRI more transparent. - Read more

  2. Three Chinese workers on a Kenyan Belt and Road rail project will be charged by the country’s anticorruption authority for paying a bribe to influence the outcome of fraud investigations. - Read more

  3. China’s Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission gave German insurer Allianz permission to set up a wholly-owned insurance holding company in Shanghai. This represents an acceleration in the liberalization of the insurance sector. - Read more

  4. China is more actively pushing for reform of the WTO. It wants to “lock unilateralism inside the cage of multilateralism”, improve the say of developing economies and reform the dispute settlement body. - Read more

  5. A recent survey of 8,500 people in 17 countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative has shown that China has relatively high recognition and is praised for its path and international influence. Of the respondents, more than 70 percent agreed with the concepts of "Chinese Dream", the Belt and Road and "a community with a shared future for mankind". - Read more

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Grzegorz Stec