2018 November 19


Here is the Belt & Road Today brought to you by Belt and Road Advisory

  1. Xi Jinping gave a 40 minute keynote speech that reflected on China’s 40 years of reform and the importance of APEC. He said China would continue to open up to the world. - Read more

  2. Vice President Pence laid out the US Free and Indo Pacific Strategy, along with Japan & Australia. The strategy seeks to counter BRI and provide countries with alternatives through projects that comply with international standards & are financed privately. - Read more

  3. During his APEC keynote, President Xi announced that the next BRI summit would take place in Beijing in April 2019. This was a mammoth undertaking in 2017 that really brought BRI to centre stage, 2019 is set to be even bigger. - Read more

  4. Speaking at the APEC Summit, Vice President Pence described Belt and Road as a ‘constricting belt’ and ‘one-way road’. This is some of the toughest language we have heard any leader use to describe BRI. - Read more

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Grzegorz Stec