2018 December 21


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  1. Trump on Wednesday signed into law the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act. It seeks to promote access to Tibet for US diplomats and other officials, journalists by denying US entry for Chinese officials deemed responsible for restricting access to Tibet (1/2). - Read more China's foreign ministry said on Thursday it "resolutely opposes" a new US law on Tibet, saying Tibet is an internal affair and that Beijing allows no foreign interference (2/2). - Read more

  2. In its biannual China CFO Survey, Deloitte found that China’s top finance execs are losing confidence in China's economy. 82% of respondents said their economic outlooks had become less optimistic over last 6 months. - Read more

  3. Big Pharma Wins Drug Approval in China Ahead of West for First Time. China has for the first time approved a treatment from a global drugmaker before any other country, illustrating its recent push to bring in cutting-edge medicine. - Read more

  4. In a development that is expected to cause diplomatic ripples, the New York Times reported China & Pakistan have a “confidential plan” to jointly build a new generation of fighter aircraft and other weapons as part of Belt and Road. - Read more

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Grzegorz Stec