2018 December 14


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  1. On Wednesday, Ecuador joined onto Belt and Road. In addition, the South American country agreed a US$900m loan from China, which included the “lowest interest rate in history.” Ecuadorian President Garces announced the deal on Twitter. Ecuador borrowed US$69.3m for “reconstruction”, at an interest rate of 2 percent, and received US$30m in “non-refundable assistance". - Read more

  2. The Wall Street Journal reports that China will revise Made in China 2025 and give better access to foreign firms wanting to participate. If true, this could be huge news as it was one of the biggest areas of contention between US and China.  - Read more

  3. The Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe freight train transported $960 million worth of goods from January to October, marking a year-on-year increase of 93.6 percent, according to statistics released by Yiwu Customs in China's Zhejiang Province. - Read more

  4. Mainland China and Macao SAR have signed a new deal that further integrates Macao into the national development strategy. The agreement reduces tariffs and will help Macao’s companies enter the mainland. - Read more

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Grzegorz Stec